"What's new" / Login (Son240sx)


I have remember me set on but when I go to a page sometimes it asks me to log in again. This is particularly annoying when I choose what’s new and it asks me to login then after logging in it says there are no new posts even though I haven’t been on in a week (last time was months) and since it believes it was clicked multiple times, it says there are no new threads.

Is there a way for me to fix this from my end? Did this issue come from mixing all the forums together? If there is nothing that can/will be done about it than fuck oh well lol. Just hate not being able to read the updates without having to subscribe to a bunch of threads.

Also forgot to mention, a few of the tabs at the top don’t work or highlight when selected and is OntarioMotorcycle.ca down/gone?

My bad, didn’t see the previous one about this issue… because it was from a year and a half ago. :expressionless: