Wheels for my car? Opinions!

I am dead set on getting a new set of wheels for my car sometime in the future. I am also dead set on the sizes. 18x10 fronts with 285/30s and 18x12 rears with 335/30s. What rims to you guys think look the best on a red C5? If I buy new I will probably do something crazy/dumb like get satin black centers with red chrome lips. Thoughts?


I found a killer deal one some CCW SP500’s.

I don’t know if I want to go with a polished wheel though.

Works styles I like:



the black/red is ridiculously hot


fucking wordddd

Another vette on CCWs…boring

If you get meisters get 2 pc. 3 pc stinks.

That red lip better match perfectly or it’s gonna look bad…

I like the Forgeline’s the best although I might be a bit biased. I believe they would be close to 5g with shipping though :eekdance:

Thanks for the heads up.

I think the CCW’s look terrible. The black/red would look pretty awesome, need a photoshop to get a better look though.

Go for it! I don’t have nor know how to use photoshop. :slight_smile:

Granted, it’s 1 minute of labor here, but I think it would look horrible…then again 99% of the time I’m a hater of black wheels.

It won’t look quite like that though, your photoshop pic makes the z06’s look like they’ve been spray painted. Those Forgelines are anodized I think, which will have a completely different look.

I am sure that the size of the wheel is off, but that is best I can do for now

I think everything in this thread looks horrible…

all polished CCWs or grey volks would look good IMO.

All I did was make a red circle around the wheel…didn’t touch the black part.

The wheels boardjunky just photoshopped represent the 1% when I think it can look good:) As long as the red lip matches the red on the car…

Also another wheel to consider, the LG World Challenge. Even though the pictures are of C6’s you still get the idea.

Those look like CCW 505s


i think you had the right idea all black… i would use a mesh wheel, like the first rim shown… but all black… maybe a red pin strip

Me neither:redface: But I knew someone would step up and do it. Kudos to boardjnky4. After seeing that I still think it looks awesome. Sure some will think it’s a bit overdone, but you can’t please everyone.