Where to buy 200 Amp Circuit Breaker for 0 AWG wire

I’m having a hard time finding a 200A circuit breaker that accepts 0 AWG wire. Everybody stocks fuses but I don’t want to carry a fuse. Rockford Fosgate is the only company that I’ve seen offer what I’m looking for, but $75.00 list price is why I haven’t bought it yet.

Any suggestions?

DC I assume?

I would hope.

Ebay; that’s where I got mine from that’s in my Firebird. search “200A Circuit Breaker”

Yeah DC.

I was hoping somebody knew of a place locally that stocks one.

Just checked eBay - $85.00 + shipping for a 200A Blue Sea circuit breaker.

I assume it’s so you can cut power to your amp? Not really sure what your motives are, but have you considered just fusing the power line for safety and putting a low power switch on the remote wire to turn the amp on/off?

$85 + shipping??? damn… I think I paid $50 with shipping for mine; but then again that was 2 years ago.

Actually he’s using it for a primary fuse instead of using a fuse.

It’s not a bad idea with the amount of current in the primary wires for large stereos; as long as all the sub-components are fused as well, having a CB in the main is ok.

If the CB is the only thing fusing the amp(s) then I say no-way; the reaction time of a CB is slower than a fuse and typically will allow damage to occour to the component. If it’s just for the main-line then it’s only protecting a large over-current in the wire to prevent it from starting fire and burning the car; then the slower reaction time is ok.

No this is for battery relocation. 0 AWG wire is rated just over 200 Amps for maximum current. My amplifier will be fused with a properly sized fuse on a seperate line.

I just need a CB that accepts 0 AWG wire.

I already have a 200A CB, but it only accepts 4 AWG wire.

Is it just the lugs that don’t accept it or?

I know mine just interfaces with 2 studs; I just got the proper ring terminals for the 0-gauge for it to bolt together.

I wish it was lugs I would have put ring terminals on the wire and been done with it. Its gold plated with allen bolts that secure the stripped wire. Even the current plastic case is only sized for 4 AWG wire with insulation. I can’t get the cover on over the 0 AWG wire even if I could find a way to fit it into the block.

I wish I could find the CB locally for $50.

Check Summit Racing? www.summitracing.com

Yeah I called Summit. Max CB rating is 50A.

Think I may have found 1 locally.

I got my 200 amp circuit breaker from kustom workz on transit road, for about 25 bucks…they have them instock.

Yeah I spoke to DeezDubbin and he said they don’t have 200A circuit breakers in stock at Kustom Workz.

I went to Performance Autosound in Niagara Falls for lunch today and bought one for $30.