where to get ls1 work done

where is a good and resonable place to get work on an ls1 done. thank you


Hands down

pewterss on the board

jj’s automotive!!!

if brian and sammy havent done or know about it its not worth doing!!

hmm…thats where i bought the car…they do engine and exhaust work there too…do they have a lift ? thanks

they dont have a lift, but can do whatever you need…

a lift doesnt define a shop’s reputation and skill

like i said if it has anything to do with a f-body take it there

yeah im pretty sure they can handel engine and exhaust work


link to work done on my car by sammy at jj’s automotive!!

i wouldent run a jj’s automotive sticker or wear there ti-shirt just casue it sthe cool thing to do!

ya, basically 99% of the Fbod owners on this board deal w/ JJs. thats pretty much the only place i deal with for my car.

thanks for all the replies guys i will give them a call.

sinister: the link didnt work but thanks

fuck i suck at the linking

here these should do you just fine

sammy and brian have a hand in the whole build process of my car!! pretty much every major part i have gotten from jj’s automotive

![http://www.pittspeed.com/uploaded/Picture 088.jpg](http://www.pittspeed.com/uploaded/Picture 088.jpg)
![http://www.pittspeed.com/uploaded/Picture 223.jpg](http://www.pittspeed.com/uploaded/Picture 223.jpg)
![http://www.pittspeed.com/uploaded/Picture 227.jpg](http://www.pittspeed.com/uploaded/Picture 227.jpg)
![http://www.pittspeed.com/uploaded/Picture 237.jpg](http://www.pittspeed.com/uploaded/Picture 237.jpg)

Just ask for the fat, old, bald guy. Some people call him Brian.


:love: :beer:

quote of the year… i think i will put this in my profile… until i get banned for a day because of it.

thanks dean:itr41:

PS jj’s is the shit… had my car two weeks and got apart off of them already… (ps i still owe you money brian… i havent forgotten. just havent had time to get down there… maybe make a trip tomorrow after work. )

let me guess… RS sport kit, gunmetal TTs with polished lip and charcoal paint with SS hood?

yup x2 on jj’s they made a poor college student one of the fastest cars on campus even on a budget. plus they got parts when u break shit


there are 2 or 3 of them down there.

JJs handsdown

what would u like sir?