who has changed screen names?

i’ve noticed a few people have changed their screen names, so post up your old one if you changed so i know who the hell people are. lol

i haven’t.


yea…a bunch of peopel changed names…kind of a pain…but so far i’ve figured out who is who…jsut give it time…

i was 2geclipse…over there… i dont drive one, i never did,i used to alwasy want one LOL… i used to be part of blazed tempo, and well helidrop is the name everywhere else…

^^ im not sure if anyone actually cares…BWUAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!11two

my sn is the same, but i dont even care about that

im todaparty

:rofl:…that made me laugh loud at work…

dont be a jerk :stuck_out_tongue:

but it comes so naturally. ok so maybe im still PMS’ing a tiny bit.


<~~still Cubano…

Dropped the ‘5X’ from my name…

<~~~ blue specV
still have old sig

<-- zen_master

<-- huk

Jannygirl. :snky:

no change here since I’m boring and not creative.



but if u know me well enough you know me as beck, or beckington

plus i dont drive the illlero anymore yo

lol thats kinda funny:rofl: