Who loves this about Easter?!


fuck yes, those things are the bomb

I think I’m addicted to peanut butter



Mmm. I also like breaking up hollow easter milk choclate, and putting my own peanut butter on it.


Best invention, EVAR!

Not I…I prefer the snickers eggs. I don’t like them cause I ate so many as a kid I got sick of them.

i’m not a peanut butter fan, but, I LOVE a Reese’s egg once at easter time. However, going into the stores and seeing row upon row of Peeps makes me throw up alittle in my mouth everytime.

Peeps are awesome!

they makes those things for every holiday now so its hard to say i love Easter just because of that

hell. yes.

I am a fan of peanut butter, I am a fan of chocolate. I do not believe in the mixing of the two. Separate but equal!!!

You are defective.

I love those things but tell people to stop fucking putting ears on their dogs.

Allergic to all nuts, so no. LoL

I ate WAY to many of those one time, and I can barely look at them now…



Nothing goes better with Zombie day than a peanut butter egg… :slight_smile:

I prefer the white chocolate ones myself but yes Reese eggs are the shit!

Yes, those too are fucking good. I saw the most DISGUSTING thing ever somewhere. I was at a gas station somewhere and they had what I thought were those fucking disgusting hard boiled egg things. I get closer and find out that they were white chocolate hard boiled eggs with yellow chocolate thing in the center. I almost vomited.