whos willing to come try to help me get the boosted eclipse done today ?

the task list :

SAFC install
connect gauges to power wires - wires are already run
wire the sender lines for oil press and temp
cut oil drainline to length and connect
epoxy oil drain line so it doesnt leak
oil feed fittings … requires a part store run
water lines … parts store run
pull fuel pump, slap filter in place … reinstall
all FMIC piping has to be cleaned of shavings
gut the rear cat
waste gate needs a small custom mount
bumper needs a few small trimmings
power steering cooler lines need to be bent to fit
small mount to hold the maf in place
slap some factory wire covers back in place & tape them down
MISC pieces need to be reinstalled … dash pieces, healights, bumper

cars located in west seneca near clinton and transit

my cell number is 7254483

theres to much left to do to have an audience

I’d be willing to help out tomarrow before 3:30pm. I can run lines/electrical and such, and do simple fabrication work. Plus would give me a good opportunity to learn some of the work required to do a turbo install. :tup:

alright, tomorrow it is , gimma a call later and ill tell ya how to get here

I’m working all night so you’ll probably get a call on my break around 7:15 or so.

i can give ya a hand with some of that if you wanna give my ic piping a shot

your cars next man, im happy i did toms first cause i learned alot of stuff that will help ic pipe kit number 2 go much easier

just make sure all yopur header bolts are easy on / off so we can swap your turbo in for the downpipe fitment

you know i’d help if i don’t have work… but i work almost everyday lol

bump bump


im free wed. all day if you need me. thursday all day also. let me know

i could possibly stop by on thur night

ill stop thursday

bump for thursday :wink:

Re-Bumpo, working on it today. Anyone wants to help I suggest they get their butts out today.

where is this going done

Nicks house off transit road - west seneca 7254483 :smiley:

buy pizza and iam in

sure ill head over now

stopped by noones thurr. i was hopin on gettin a safc installed:crap:

called nick but no answer