Winter Tuning Specials, Double Discounts! All December 2015

All tuning is on sale this month, and some hardware too.

Unitronic is offering $50 off most new customer software and we are matching it for a total of $100 off all new software included in the sale.
Check for a full list of tunes and pricing, note they have a $50 discount advertised, and we are matching that with an additional $50 off.

Unitronic is also offering discounts on select hardware, please check their site for these deals and we will match the advertised discount the same as the tunes.

This also seems like a good time to let everyone know we have more tuning options available than ever before now that we have also teamed up with “Logic Lab Tuning” for all of you BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Mini Cooper needs. Also any tune for VW, Audi, and Porsche that Unitronic does not have, we can have built by Logic Lab. We will be knocking off $100 from all of the Logic Lab Tunes this December also.

There is also a special on any audi with a 3.0t engine. I am offering stage 2 which is pulley and tune for $1300+ tax INSTALLED. This will bring you from 333hp / 325tq (354 in audi SQ5) all the way up to 450hp / 385tq.

$1300 is a discount of $300 plus you save the cost of pulley installation!

Unitronic has also Released software for the 4.0t. So if you have been scraping by with your piddly 420hp 406tq I can fix that with a stage 1+ and bring you to 529hp 557tq.

This is unofficial but I have a handful of RS7 files including a few race gas files.

that sounds like a no brainer for someone with a 3.0/4.0t