WRX questions

lets say i was looking into purchasing a 2002-03’ WRX…( because thos bug eye lights are just so darn adorable) id be lookin at something in the 30,000-60,000k mile range. are there any issues i should keep an eye out for ? also iv noticed that almost everyone i see has been modded in some way or another… id rather get one bone stock but its tuff to find. anywho- anything ya’ll can tell me would be loverly:)

trans(check for grinding/leaking fluid/bad seals)
engine(check for oil/esp. around turbo,CELs?gauges?what do they read at WOT)
diffs(check for leaking fluid/abuse)

body damage is a given…

and 30k mile will be diff. to find due to two new model imprezas being released since the bugeye and them becoming more and more affordable. closer to 50-60kmiles will be avg.

service records?
talk to the mechanic who worked on it(if its possible) and if not, then find out where it was serviced/phone number,etc, and talk to them. see whats going on with it and then youll know.

Subaru has very thin paint.

yes trevor… i can tell you everything u want to know…around 50K miles you will need to clean the boost selinoid aswell…the paint is also very very thin. look at my old car and celanis car. It chips very easy. also the u joints as well… oh yeah watch out for them pesky deer and also bridges

yeah screw deer… and highway overpasses… thos concrete walls come flyin out of nowhere :biglaugh: tyler ur commin with me when ever i check one out, no more of this buying shitass car bizz… i’v had enough of that.

Somehow, find one that hasn’t been beat to shit. These cars attract a lot of boy racer types who think they are driving in the WRC, no offense to anyone :slight_smile: An older owner is a good bet, but no guarantee. The tranny and rest of the driveline (clutch, U-joints) aren’t exactly overbuilt and will usually shows sings of abuse/wear if the car has been subjected to same.

Word! Just because the car can launch doesn’t mean it was meant to be a drag car. Thats the big thing, the tranny is strong but it won’t hold up to alot of abuse. Someone on this forum once said “why would you buy a WRX if you didn’t want to launch it” Don’t be that retard.

Like solo2scoob said look for leaks, make sure you get a test drive and get in every gear, make sure its fairly smooth shifting.

I take offense to this.

When I sold my car it was like new :gotme: In fact the new Engine, tranny, Turbo, starter, radiator, oil pump, power steering pump, brakes, tires, alternator, exhaust, didn’t see the 100K that the rest of the car did. :lol:

My point, take a good look at what you are buying, and try for an '03 they had better synchros in the gearbox, and a few other things.


P.S. make sure there are no time slips in the glove box.

haha thanks for the heads up:D

haha that was some all around good advice :tup:

good luck on finding the wrx that suits you dude :slight_smile:

no more diesel beeeemer?!?!

:gotme: the BMW was my attempt to get away from abusing cars and a good way to stop getting tickets. but i’v found that all the crap that comes with fun cars is worth it rather than driving around in a 007 bond car and saving money on fuel lol plus i know theres people out there that are dieing for my car and i dont appriciate it as much as they do, id rather see it being fixed and cleaned up and made into something really unique. im not shure but from what i understand thers a small handful, if that of these cars in the US so im going to put it on ebay and see if some crazed BMW guy will drop a ton of money for it.

Wow, I didn’t know about diesel BMW’s. I am still not sold on the diesel thing except for very heavy duty vehicles. But I never drove a really modern diesel (TDI and all) so I just talking out my ass, as usual. Back to the topic - performance cars are often abused, especially the cheaper ones. As you have heard, with the WRX it’s the drivetrain to be leery of. They last fine if not abused, but as has been said they just weren’t made for hole shots.

another thing…obviously with any car look for wrench marks on turbo heat sheilds…BOV’s and other things where a aftermarket part can be placed… i looked at a wrx a long time ago and noticed there was no heat sheild and there was a shiney new top mount intercooler…i said no thanks… theres a few poeple in boston with wrx’s one dude is like 70 and carrys cannoes on it and some older lady who has a black sedan…but watch out…just cuz they are old don’t mean they still cant beat on it…hehe. and when you take one for a drive…remember its a subaru…its going to rattle and such…jsut cuz its a subaru.


You could buy mine but its probably out of your price range. Its an 04 with 23,000 miles and is and has always been 100% stock. I also am not really looking to sell it until march or april, but for the right offer might be willing to do so sooner.

That it better not be a Sedona Red WRX Wagon. Or you might die a painful death.

Personally I went for a high-milage (60k) one that was bone stock. Needed a bit caught up on neglected items. (ex. belts) But asides fromt that sometimes the 1st, and 2nd syncros can blow. I occasionally have issues with 1st when it is really cold out.

Otherwise I can’t complain. :tup:

EDIT: Up to 78k now, needs a suspension part to fix a minor clunking up front, but it’s still tighter than some of the newer cars I drove. :slight_smile:

the one i looked at (03 wrx) had something wrong suspension wise…squeaky struts as far as i remember(not sure on that one) and major power steering issues (like, it was harder to steer than a car with no power steering)… maybe something u might want to look for. i dont really know if its common, im no car mechanic, and i certainly have alot to learn, but it may help you. nice cars tho…GL :wiggle:

I still enjoy mine everytime I get in it. Bought it off Justin at Hybrid and it has been running strong with no problems. Well just the alternator that went, and the replacement alternator from Advanced. :shrug:

i wouldnt mind one in the 50-60k range but like i said befor its hard to find them that are stock, they all have huge fart cans and whatnot. and i deff want an 02 or 03 because i liked the bugeyes.