WRX Wagon = Evo (Dig)

So we are out playing in the snow, with a few others from the board. Have some fun, doing the drifto. And then an idea was spawned. A concept so absurd and vague few people even knew what we were talking about when the word “dig” was mentioned.

Upon explination people were dumbfounded, after what is exciting about a race that doesn’t start at 80. And why should driver skill be a factor. It was crazy, it was madness. But I digress.

Realizing this would possibly be the only chance I would have to possibly beat an Evo I had to accept. The surface was perfect for a race, covered in an inch of hard packed snow in a wide open area. The camera was there, and we even had a crowd of 3 people on top of a truck standing in excitement!

So we line up BadNewsMini off to my left by about 6 or 7 car widths providing a safety cushion. Once it’s ready this douchebag pretending he was the host of Pinks runs up in the center to wave us off. I’m thinking there is no way my inferior WRX with it’s simple AWD system, verses a technological masterpiece. I bring it up to 3.5k ready to launch. The arms, drop and the bullshit stops as the clutch comes up with minimal feathering. All four wheels break loose, as do those of the evo. We hold dead even, as we approach blistering speeds in excess of 20 mph. Nearing 25mph I give to too much, resulting in more wheel spin and the sound of my engine bouncing off the rev-limiter. Needing to shift but not at a point where I can shift I ride it out. And finish the Evo just ahead by a fender.

So we line it up again, evil glances the likes of which could even melt snow are exchanged among constant laughter. Instead of doing the same I bring it up to 2k well before the turbo could spool. I bring it off the line with minimal spin, and the Evo starts tearing the snow apart. I start to edge a tiny bit doing my best to avoid wheelspin. Rapidly the speeds increase at 10mph I could swear I felt a sweat bead start to form. At 20mph I realized it was just some snow that blew through the window. Accelerating further until I need to go into second, and continue to pull enough to edge out by fender. Taking the world by storm.

We decide to call it quits an obvious draw at this point, leaving the few random rednecks on their truck to wonder who is truely the victor.

Round 1: FuzzyFish vs. BadNewsMini (Dig), BadNews Wins
Round 2: FuzzyFish vs. BadNewsMini (Dig), FuzzyFish Wins

Random spectators left in confusion wondering why there is no round 3.

way to keep it real. subaru>

yea and pics/vids

Should have some pics and vids of it up soon.


Were still waiting on a video of an SS vs Neon…Doubt that one will happen.

These are on my brothers camera, he has them extracted. I just havn’t stopped by to grab them.



Good write up, LOL

Ditch that IT crap and start freelancing Kill stories all over the world

IIRC there was one hilarious killstory you wrote, I think on UBRF, something about you racing a semi-truck or something. That was awesome.

Nice work representing Suby Wagons everywhere.

Fuzzy FTW? :lol:


http://aliveanimals.com/images/animals/2333sfi-1.JPG > .

yep must say, Good clean races.

And it help me figure out the ACD, the first race I was in Tarmac Mod, 2nd I was in Snow mod. Guess racing is better in Tarmac?

silly mitsubishi in their “modes” DCCD FTW!!

That was the Tercelica verses a garbage truck leaving a toll booth. The sad part is it was mostly true. That car was so fucking slow, it had deserved to be riced out.

Hell my automatic 86 ranger pulled a few cars on it. When me and my brother raced. And the truck was an 18 second wonder.


Isnt the evo on all seasons?

LOL nice write up though. :LOL:


Just wondering if either of you were running snow tires? If so what cha

ya I’m running Goodyear All-Seasons, I cant find the name there VARY AGRESSIVE large nobs for an all-season, Fuzzy is running snows but the rears are pretty bald.