WTB 06+Si

Im lookin for a used 06+ Civic SI for around 15k…Ive seen them around but none in the PA area…Anyone know of any?

I’ve haven’t seen any used 06’ Si’s for that cheap, unless they are salvage/rebuilt. I think your lookin at around 16-17k, those cars hold their value well.

smail honda on 30 in Greensburg has a 07 coupe with 32k ticker is 19,9xx I saw it last night

Thanks, my buddys uncle works out there, might take a ride out and see what he can do…And I seen a few on ebay around 15-16 with free shipping…My luck I wont find one now that Im lookin for one.

I worked for Smail for a while, I don’t recommend buying a used car there. Ive seen some extremely shady shit, and its really terrible what the used car people are capable of. Thats a newer car w/ an existing wararnty, so you should be okay, but they will buy auction crap and try getting more than retail on it, and they won’t pay to fix anything, just sell it and deal with the pissed off customers later! Just a heads up from someone thats been there.

shouldn’t it be a certified used honda and have a better warranty then the original?

I don’t know if they do certified used cars at Honda, I worked across the street and we didn’t do any pre-owned certifications, they were too cheap to pay us the time for that. But since Honda is their moneymaker it might be certified, but you won’t get a deal on it anyway, and no used car’s warranty is going to be better than the factory original, extended warranties are a joke. I’ve heard those trannies are pretty fragile so watch out on low prices.
This one is reasonable:

Oh its reasonable man, but too far away…Thats my whole reason for making this thread…So I could find one local…Ive seen them in cali and fl for 12.5-14k

that one is only 5 hrs away.
if it is something you want don’t be afraid to go somewhere for it. hell i went to california and bought a motorcycle there since they were cheaper. and on hte plus side it turns it into an adventure and gives excuse to travel.

If it’s the right price, then it’s worth it to go get it. I bought a car from Cincinnati, but couldn’t drive it so I had to get someone to go pick it up. But in the long run it’s been worth it.

good luck finding a used 06 si for that cheap hell the few ive seen for sale are going for almost 20 unless they have a ton of miles or a beat on

ill sell you mine for 22k with all my mods and sets of wheels and tires lol

1 thing to look for in one is the 3rd gear make sure you drive it and get on it in 2nd and shift to 3rd at almost redline if there is no grinding or odd sounds your good to go

if you wanna get rid of yours ill trade you the s2k and some cash :naughty:

I’m not really trying to sell it but if do decide to I’ll let you know