WTB: 1 Ticket to NOFX at Town Ballroom on 10/23

Looking to see if anyone has an extra ticket to NOFX on 10/23 they are selling.

Let me know via PM.


shit is it sold out?

yup sold out afaik

would LOVE to go to this, but have plans

Yes, sold out.


im going. mmm it shall be fun

how much you willing to pay for my ticket?



^Saw that. Thanks.

Not sure if I want to go THAT bad though.

you don’t expect someone to sell them face value do you?

when i put my bosstones tickets on craigslist, people were bidding on them, I got calls from toronto, rochester, syracuse, michigan, erie PA.

one time i went to new jersey to see the bouncing souls and had a few extra $15 tickets, ended up getting $60 a piece for them.

GL though.

my asshole friend just called me, he’s chilling with them over @ the ballroom :tdown:


Face is $25, craigslist is $50. I’ll spend $40.

Shut up.

just didn’t know what you were willing to spend.

$50 seemed fair to me, that’s fine if it’s not to you.

shit, who they playing with?

Played with the Flatliners and Dillinger four.

I ended up getting a ticket from Craigslist an hour before the show.

Good times for sure! Fat Mike was a drunken mess.

lol nice, hes so funny.