WTB: a nice seat

looking for a good racing seat, just one, driver obviously, prolly not the relineable ones, one to actually hold me in, im a relativy skinny guy, just tall, let me know wat you got

Call Mike @ innovative, or call and have me answer :P. I know he can get all kinds of seats, whatever it is you are looking for. I know there are a bunch of different fits and models for non-reclineables. 674-2334

edit: looking at prices online

do you guys have any seats there that i could try out

someone was selling a sparco ultra.
(it was on the other forum)
thats a hot seat.

if you dont like that, get the evo, that seat is amazing.

the evo does look and sound like an awesome seat but more than im looking to spend

Mike has a few corbeaus around in the shop, and he has two different sparco models in the rally car, both of which are AMAZINGLY comfortable. Call him up man he can point you in the right direction.

yea, that corbeau forza is great for the price

If you’re looking for a basic, no frills serious racing seat, look at the brand name KIRKEY.

They also sell padding to go with the seats.

You can pick one up for around 100-200 bucks IIRC.