Looking for a car audio amp, something at LEAST 1000watts rms to be considered, but am really looking for 2k. Only thing I will not consider is Earthquake. Post whatchu got

calling Yunvme666

lol, we are already working on this, I was just asking the board also.

but yes, normally josh is the man to turn to for audio stuff

I remember Earthquake used to be one hell of a company. Did they turn to shit? I haven’t paid any attention to this stuff in a long time.

new stuff is pretty bad from what ive been told, the guy building my sub now said he said they are almost guaranteed to burn out and possibly catch on fire, so I am not going to risk it.

whats your price range and what sub and who is building it?

Would like to stay sub 250, but the cheaper the better

I am buying a Sound Extreme Vengence, hes a guy in b-lo that basically takes motors and makes his improvments on them. The vengence is basically a AQ HDC315 with a better basket and soft parts

Tim and I are good friends

awesome! well then hook me up with an amp!

bump this shit, I fried my amp and need something BIGGAR. 1200-1700 RMS please :slight_smile:

I just sold my Sundown 1500Ds for cheap.

I do have a brand new Sundown 1000D. 200 bucks with warranty til april 2010.