WTB: B series trans (Wrecked/Blown)

Looking for a manual B series hydro transmission that i can rebuild. Could be LS or GSR, preferably. Im leaning more towards LS because i know a guy that has all the internals to one he would sell me. He also has a mint B series case so even a trans with a cracked case would be great.

Im taking manual trans this year in school and figured it would be a great opurtinity to learn how to rebuild my own trans. So why not do a honda?? haha

m&m ftw

Thanks man. Id try m&m but seems they never have any B series motors or trans, there always the 1st ta go. Plus im looking for something i can repair thats already broken.

lol mine is pretty broke as fuuck

how much u want to spend

yes, buy erics. perfect for ya

LOL that is the definition of a FUCKED transmission. Do it up biff

Pming your bitchass :slight_smile:

shameless plug: when you guys get your sale together and need someone to assemble it. You know who to call.

ps: deebo, we’re ready to go when you are. I’ll call you.

alright andy ill prob call u tomorow after school around 2:30 or something, are u guys open saturdays?

Im goin to do all the assembling myself. Thanks tho man. I may call you tho soon to get my flywheel resurfaced.

Im buying deebos old trans for anyone who doesn’t know. This thread can now be closed. Thanks guys.

yea for a little bit. I think 11-3 or something like that on saturdays. If you get the car there by then, I work on stuff on sundays when we are closed.

SCSPEED: 3 things. 1 replace that concave thrust washer on the one shaft. 2 be aware that LS and GSR open diffs actually are slightly different in size and the cases are slightly different. 3: double check your shimming on the housing for the diff when the tranny case is tightened and get the correct shims if needed. If the tranny was setup to use needle/roller type bearings and you are now putting in a diff with straight race ball bearings (or vice versa) you will most definately need to reshim.

Thanks andy, Good tips. I will let you know how the processes goes. im going to be most likely taking pics as well. We’ll keep in touch :tup:

Bump, fixed debos trans. Now looking for another…

i have a gsr one … 3ed does not work well …needs syncros(sp)

LOL what was wrong with it??

i have a s4c i will sell for cheap. it needs to be re asembled. fyi the s4c was a 99-00 si trans

Incredibly, the sycros themselves and the gears were in great shape, all it needed was a syncro spring (the ring that goes around the synchronizer) I found it in peaces all inside of the trans when i opened it…


Pm me with a price guys, thanks.

Possibly buying turdblown tegs b16 trans, still looking though…

is this going in ur car or just for class? you should just fix them and re sell them lol