WTB: Car/Truck

Shoot me some offers, interested in buying a car or truck.

Have $6500 Cash

518 813 6603 TEXTS ONLY

My car is for sale still

sell you my gst spyder for $6,500… New act2900 clutch, should be putting down close to 400whp when fuel pump and injectors I have for it are installed.

I have a project 91 3000GT VR4 for sale. Only $2500… then you get to put the extra $4k into it to make it your own nasty little beast

Sell you a S4

i have 6500$ cash in pocket, and im lookin’ at buying another car, so shoot me a car u have for sale, with a price, and if im interested id take a look :wink:

buy my honda


I’ve got an 02 jetta tdi 5spd?

Looks like im going to need a classifieds mod with the way things are going. :ohnoes


if you are seriously interested in my project 3000GT Vr4 let me know. OTherwise I’m not going to waste my time with details… lol

I have a monster S10 you can have for $4k.

I have a 96 Prelude with an h22 that you can have for 3k

I have an 06 charger srt that you can have for $2500.

guys, this kid isnt buying shit, kid cant even afford his phone bill thats why you gotta text him ONLY lol… Stop offering him vehicles. lol

Man this kid is getting burned left and right. He laid his own bed tho…

On that note how about a 636 just in time for winter? I’ll cut you a deal, 6450

Save another 1k and I’ll sell you a baller miata.


get ahold of him on fbook


Save up 3 thousand more dollars and you can buy my car!