WTB: d16y8 short block(found)

I have 0 compression on one cylinder of my 98 ex i just picked up. It’s also very squeaky when i turn it over with a socket on the pulley. The valves look like they are fine but i still have to pull the head.

I’m anticipating needing a short block, I guess it could be a valve seat but I will take a short block if anyone has one.

Lookin to spend around $100 bucks but I can go higher.

Is a d16z6 from 92-95 ex’s?

would that or a dx block work fine?

Yes, you can convert one to OBD-II to work.

would really like a d16y8, whose got one.

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Hey man sorry I did not get back to you. I had to work yesterday. I will have the tranny out for you tomorrow

tranny seems good so far for the hatch, now how about a motor for my coupe.