WTB: free/cheap honda trailing arms

Looks for something to tear apart and sandblast. disc, drum, I don’t care. less parts attached/included the better for me.


still looking

Does it have to be useable? I have a trailing arm off a 00 sedan, that broke apart from the LCA that is basically useless. I was just gonna toss it in the garbage. LMK if your interested…

which part exactly broke?

Where the LCA bolts to the trailing arm. The part that holds the LCA bolt in, is no longer attached to the trailing arm. Its still attached to the LCA and the bolt. I can get you pics if you need 'em.

hrm, is it just the one side? if its both sides I’ll just snag them. :slight_smile:

Its just the drivers side. Passenger side is still fine. You can just have it if you want it. I gotta pull the hub and brakes and all that junk off it still, but…its yours if you want it.

definitely hold on to it and I’ll grab it when I’m in CP.

as far as this thread is concerned… I’m still looking for 2 useable ones.