WTB: Gsr Swap or b16/b18c parts

Hey bieeattchheeess.

Im looking for a 1.8 gsr swap for my civic.
I had a JDM gsr complete change over last year but traded it for a b18b and 1200 bux, because i needed money. Now im looking to buy another one.

so yeah.

b18c complete change over.
b18c block
b16 head
b16/b18c tranny

Let me know what you got, and how much. If i cant find it here, i’ll just go to HMO and get complete jdm swap.

Thanks Guys

pm longuyen he has a gsr block

I just did…Thank you.

ohh and i need glove box. Do you have another one? lol

I have a LS cable tranny if youd like (doubt it). 150 and its yours

if you decide you wanted to go NA id separate the swap or longblock :wink:


Didn’t you used to have a GSR head? :wink:

yeah… do you wanna sell it back to me? lol.
I miss my head. lol. I needed money at the time, thats why i sold it.

I see your snkysnky is still at the shop. hmmmm

anyways yeah


what are you going to do with your ls swap?

Keep it. lol
If i dont get longuyens gsr block I’ll find me a head, make an Lsvtec and call it a day.
fuck it. I want VTEC yO! lmao

hey if you want my block, maybe we can work a trade if you can’t do 450 w/ the stand


I’l call you around 4 today.


so far I found the b18c1 block <–thanks Long
and the b16 head was found in PA area. Thanks Hondaswap member

Dont you just love the search engine. :hay:

Turbo gsr civic coming soon.

sell me ur ls engine.:smiley:

nahhhh. Imma keep it for now until i build the other block and head.
Maybe next year. lol