WTB: Seat rails and brakets

Hey Guys,

Recently purchased a Sparco Sprint Seat for my Hatch this past Saturday


although it makes a pretty dope computer chair … i would rather it be in my car

im lookin for sidemount seat brackets and all that is needed to bolt it in

post what your have



Hey Jordie i’d say go for some sparco sidemounts. dont settle for anything other than the best when it comes to securing your ass to a car. Especially when you’re sideways at 80km/h

I say you keep it as a comp chair.
Theres nothing like being secure when…searching the internet at 10megs per second :wink:

Sparco seat rails!

Cal how much did you get yours for? and where?

i got mine through a member on this board.

But i can get you brand new seats + bottom brackets for 400 flat. All Sparco products