WTB: truck

I am looking for a pickup. I want to spend 4-5k. Either ford or chevy. I was thinking in the line of a ranger or s10. It will be a daily driver so it cant be falling apart.
Things I want but not needed are:
-Extended cab
-under 100k miles
-Regular bed, not the flared bed

If you see anything out there let me know. Thanks, Joe.

damn. i have a truck that would be perfect for you except its not 4x4. runs awesome though. here is the link anyways


What is it going to be used for?

Work, you like trucks, hauling stuff, towing stuff?

I do construction so it would be hauling some things, maybe towing a trailer. I want a 4x4 because I go hunting/fishing a lot and need it to get into some spots. It will mostly be my daily driver

still looking