WTB - White C5 Targa Manual

I’ve been searching every since I bumped that Z06 thread. Figured I’d try here.

I’m pretty set on White, would consider yellow.

Looking for something I can daily a little more than the Viper in summer.

Max 15 grand depending on mileage. Most I’ve seen have 50 or less for less than 15 grand, except they’re all fucking red and silver.

This would have been perfect except it’s an auto but something along these lines -

How far are you willing to travel?

It all depends on the deal honestly, for that deal above if it were manual I’d go to cali and drive it home lol but where you gonna find another vette like that for 9 grand?

I’d want to test drive it or pay a service to check the car out, perhaps ship it to me. I don’t want to test drive the car here in NY (if it’s located here) due to salt, I don’t want any rust on this car.

I’ll look at whatever deals ya got!

EDIT - https://www.cars.com/vehicledetail/detail/797094855/overview/?aff=atempest&utm_source=AutoTempest&utm_medium=TRP&utm_campaign=atempest

Besides the custom BorlaNNNN exhaust hurting my eyes this is pretty good! And I’ve never been to Reno! I will send a message.

Reminds me of the exhaust on @bing’s car

Nothing back yet. I guess he’s not very motivated