Wtb: Xbox

just the regular one, not a 360.

Sonny got me hooked last night, and now i need one

I got a few. You lookin for a modded one or a virgin?

either or… whatever is cheaper. Sonny’s gonna help me get it all up and going like his is set up.

im headed to beaver for the day. pm me some prices :slight_smile:

if that doesnt work i will be home for the weekend. i can try to get you one from my ex at EB games

Well I have 1 virgin xbox but its brand new, still in the plastic. You’d be better off with eBay for your needs. I also have a modded one that I have setup for when my nephews come over. They hardly ever come over any more and now when they do I am sure they’d rather play with the 360 just ‘because it’s newer’. I’ll PM you details on the modded box.

Do you know what the going rate for a used Xbox through them is? Is it still $100?

still 100 bucks but i can get it for
70 bucks also i can get you one for 60 off my ex girlfriend at EB

$60 would be PERFECT!

I will give you a call on my way back to pittsburgh tonight

Awesome. ill prob catch up with you tomorrow. pens game and then straight to my hockey game tonight