WTT : my 2 turbos for your one

so heres the deal i am looking for a solid working t3 flanged turbo i have all the parts for a t3 and dont really wanna hack up my manifold and downpipe etc trying to make other turbos fit.

i have a mitsu dsm td05h turbo no shaftplay at all, but the outside looks a bit rough

and i also a garret t28 off a skyline r33, there is a slight bit of shaft play but i had paul at swerve check it out and he said it would be fine to run

i dont want any ebay crap thou, a nice brand t3 will do, internal wastegate or not i will take either



indiv. prices…?

the t28 i could do for like 150/bo and the tdo5h i could do for like 100/bo

what does the TD05h traslate to (I.E. 14b, 16g , etc.)

that particular TD05 is a 14B

indeed it is, i also have a brand new actuator for it and the downpipe cast elbow, also the proper oil lines

I have a Saab/Garret turbo…ill verify if it is t3 or t25/28 flanged and get back to you

EDIT: it is indeed t25/28 based…sorry