Xbox 360

I have the xbox 360, that has red lights, the xbox was taken apart and had the peny fix done, and now its broken again, there is a place in Pickering that fixes them for $40 with a warrenty.

Comes with:
Power Cord
Av Cables

Offer i just want it out of my room, Basicaly you can have a working xbox for Under $100

This is good for anyone that needs a spare power cord or av cables for another room for quick tv switches :)BUMPO

Have you tried the x-clamp fix? I bought a broken 360 for $5 and did that instead of the penny fix and its working :slight_smile:

i’ll give you 5$ lmao or just pm a price

Bump, Have a back up for when your cords get fucked up or get it fixed for $20 and have a working xbo 360 for $70 :O!!!


Have a working xbox for under $100, bump, text 289 688 6447

Still here, bump up the volume

do you know exactly why it isnt working now? i dont get it

Cause earlier xbox’s sodering was shitty so they got 3 red lights. it can be fixed under warrenty for $30. Someone buy it


might be interested if it has HDMI output

It has the out put with 3 av, and the S-Video?

the HDMI is just below where you’d plug in the av cables to the xbox,