Year-end pictures of the fleet. bye-bye T-rex.


There is a car missing from these pictures. :tup: to hottt cars.


haha… that’s true, there is. Too bad the Monte sits in a garage covered with about 1" of dust and hasn’t moved in 6 years. :sigh:


6 years? Damn. Forget buying a new toy, I think it’s time for a come back!


love that bimmer…nice shots


price on t-rex…


Let me know when you want that picked up. Enclosed trailer now :slight_smile:


Nice collection.


it’s on eBay right now… $40K because of the season, otherwise i’d ask about $44K next spring.

sweet. going down towards NYC again anytime soon? I may need to hitch a ride to drive a vehicle back.


I may be down there the 24th, possibly the weekend of the 30th as well.


TITS! let me know…i would need to get dropped off in Poughkeepsie.


I’ll be in touch :slight_smile:


I love your monte carlo, you should sell me the motor out of it stupid cheap for my truck.


Bye bye T-Rex?

Still, a resolution appears to be on the table, ready to get its stamp of approval from the court. So the T-Rex may live on, and the electric model (which is now just a prototype) may yet see the light of day. We’ll see.


I should post a year-end fleet photo. I’m hoarding old German and Japanese garbage. Help me.