Year-end pictures of the fleet. bye-bye T-rex.


Today was the first time in a long time that I happened to have all 3 vehicles clean… so i decided to take some pictures. Will likely be getting rid of the t-rex before winter, so these are the final pictures i’ll have of it.

Group Shot:



how loud is that d&d exhaust on the t-rex(atleast thats what i think it is), i hear its like the loudest pipe available besides not having one


SIQQQQ. I love the bimmer dude. :slight_smile:


not too bad… added a couple short youtube links to my 2nd post.


What are you and Alex going to replace the tRex with?


no ideaR


Awesome rides - Love them!!!


Was planning on a Noble M12… but we have another business venture in the works, so any replacement toy is now on hold.


A Noble would rule the stool.


Looking good Josh :tup: looking forward to the next toy


Sad to see it go, but if you get that A5 I doubt you’ll miss it much :slight_smile:


Hot cars, but your front yard’s kinda creepy with all those statues…


Very nice rides! :tup:


Nice rides. Love the pictures!


Awesome photo, Josh :tup:


Nice man :tup:


Nice. I really like the stance on your BMW.

How have the CF/ABS seams held up over the years? Any cracking?


Thanks all.

only the front bumper has issues (note the 2 strips of black duct tape)…but mainly because i hit a curb with it. Otherwise the rear bumper is holding up great and the CF roof has no issues either.


Ha, I didn’t even notice the 2 black strips. It actually looks like you added it in intentionally.

Looks great Josh…:tup: