Hey all, my name is John and I have a 99’ eclipse gsx, modded lightly, most of the wnydsm guys know of me and im not to fond on internet drama like some other sites have. Except if its from someone gay like SKRAPPEERRRRR!!!

Wats up John. good to see ya made it!

wat up johnny, You suck.

Wat up John! You a bitch

What up, Johnny Boi!!

Wats up man!


yo yo!

Yo yo ya yoyo!

wnyDSM seems to be migrating over nicely :biglaugh:


welcome john :smiley:

It helps when you have two moderators in your pocket… I mean… Yeah…

Hi there


more DSMers… I think we’re taking over. Welcome John, you forgot to mention your kickass bike.

that i did jordan, Also have a 98’ suzuki katana slightly modded as well.

wassup, welcome!