You know how they say, everyone has a twin?

This is scary. As most of you know i’m in Walt Disney World Entertainment (I’m a Character). Recently we just had Star Wars Weekends, and this year we finally had an Anakin. His name is Dustin, and I got to work with him last night…but check out this picture of him as Anakin…


Um… and?

I guess it would help if I saw the movie.


OMFG it works!

I had Howie put that in just for you! :smiley:

<-- confused

yea, he looks just like michael knight. thats amazing

LOL… you fucking asshole i love you.

Is he as whiney as anikin in the movie?

ps. you have a pm

I got it Rob, i’ll write you back sometime soon, i’ve been working like whoa so I haven’t had time to write you back just yet.

wow thats pretty weird, lol. he does look like anakin.

id have to give a negative on the look-alike part

but i bet he acts better than him



hey isn’t your sig for Marine Land?

I’m just wondering why disney would have a Star Wars weekend…
does disney own George Lucas now too? ;c )

I don’t remember some of the story, it’s at the Disney/MGM Studios, and I know Disney owns some of the rights or something like that, I really don’t remember. Anyway, Jack, my sig is from the song “Do you believe in Magic”…definitely not Marine Land.

Geoirge lucas signed a deal with disney because he knew they were the only ones who could pull of the star tours ride and make it good. If you have ever been on the ride its really neat but the que to get on the ride is phenominal, theres a big ATAT and a couple driods that are just amazing to look at.