yup, one of a kind...my sisters new toy (dirtbike setup)

my dad, sister and I have had a little plan in the works for the last few weeks…we got this brilliant idea from service honda, to put a CRF250F dirtbike motor, into her CRF150R…well, thats exactly what we did…

She picked up a brand new 08 CRF250F from honda direct with the carb and header pipe…my dad and uncle had to cut the frame, and extend it a little, make motor mounts, etc…well, heres the end result and its fucking BADASS. They did such a good job, it looks like its factory and the best past about it is that it still looks like the 150R motor (the 250F is only 3/4" taller and 1/2" wider then the 150R) so its not a noticable change to the naked eye until its in action…boy are the girls in her class gonna be sorry this year!






umm, isnt that cheating?.. lol
shes gonna tear them up!!!

theirs girls on 250f’s and 450’s in her class…

the girls class is a girls class…any bike goes…it goes from 80-450’s…and she killed them all on a 150! its gonna be a MURDER now.

Damn, that looks pretty nasy

also, did you buy a whole CRF250F or just the motor? Because I’m looking for a 250 frame for a CR500 motor to go into :stuck_out_tongue:

Just the motor.

so have you gotten to play around on this yet? haha

my dad just brought it home today from my uncles…it needa a shifter and a longer chain and then we need to dial in the carb, then let her ripp!

BTW, I cant ride a dirtbike to save my life lol

pretty sweet!

Thats a sweet setup. Realy does look factory. :nod Was the 250f chassis too big for your sister to ride comfortably?

I’m going to go out on a limb on that one and say yes, it probably was too big for her so that is why they put the 250f motor in the 150 frame.

Bike looks good BTW

yah shes a little girl, only like 4’11’’ but she is sick nasty on a dirtbike.

she had a 04 KFX250F that she was using for practice and we had lowering springs on it, a rear lowering shock strut and the subframe was cut to lower it with a shaved seat and it was still too tall for her…she is under 5 feet tall and shes 20 lol

plus, the 150R setup is 50lbs lighter then the 250’s…on a bike, thats a BIG difference.


lol I suppose i already knew the answer but asked anyways. Give me a break it was 6 in the morning ;D

that came out nice

post pics of sister!

with a bike like that i can only imagine :eek

That’s a cool idea. Also really cool that your sister rides. :nod

I’ll race her with the 250 after I put a CR500 motor in it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d get my ass kicked though, haha. I’ve never actually raced on a track in my life, just mess around with my CRF230 in trails. I’d like to get into racing though

she will mop dudes up! no problem

My 05crf250r weighted 190lbs. I cant imagine the power it has with 50 less pounds, AND lower CG and being shorter WB it will be a rocket! PS, dont you have a YFZ still? I am torn between another dirtbike in the spring or a YFZ again. A bike is so much cheaper, but I miss throwing a quad around.

You mentioned you dont like to ride the bikes? Get some more seat time, they are wayyyy more fun in the woods trails and XC/GNCC stuff over a quad. Hill climbs you can just bail off the bike and it flops over and doesnt roll down the hill and wad up like a quad. BUT… I kinda felt safer on the quad racing SX/MX… I dunno.