05 Legacy GT, STi swap


if it was a wagon id be all over it. need a dog hauler to replace the FJ when I get around to selling it

GLWS… looks clean

dude, that legacy would tow the boat! lol My pops towed out 16’ lund back in the day with his outback H6! lol

SICK freakin car man, for that price I wish I could sell my turds and get this thing for a daily. You gotta take me for a ride in it before it sells!

yeah it could tow the boat no problem i’m sure, the boat is light. i don’t want to tow a trailer for every home depot trip either though, and my wife’s ford escape can’t even fit a 4’x8’ sheet in the back at a 45degree angle lol

My trucks for sale, Dont know how much you’re looking to spend… $28,000 lol

Looking to spend half of that, I need to buy a truck cash.

car is legit. GLWS Jake.


Will this car pass NYS Inspection? CEL off? And functioning properly?

Yes, yes and yes

Good deal.

I should be ready to let go of this in about 2 weeks

damn id love this for a dd!!!

You should buy it, it’s a great dd, very reliable

I keep coming back to this thread…very tempting.

Does this car comes with lifetime service? lol.

what where you getting for MPG?

i get 26.5mpg highway and 22.5mpg around town

not terrible. I will keep mulling this over.

I can’t give you a lifetime warranty but If anything does go down the line i would have no problem putting on the parts for you as long as you provide them. I don’t see this needing anything for a LONG time. Suspension was all done within the last 20kmi, engine and everything attached to it is new or low mileage used. it’s very solid

for sure man. I know you would. Your work is top notch and i know you’d always be willing to answer any questions or lend a hand.

is this 6 speed with dccd?