05 Mustang kill

I might be the first on here to have raced one on here. I was coming up 95 almost to DC when I come up to the 60’s era looking Stang. I was going about 70 and passed him then he came up next to me. he started goosing it then when he floored it, I took off and just smoked his ass. It was red and had the Temp tags and sticker in the window on the bitch. Probably just left the dealership. I hope that was a non-driving owner cause I ate his ass up! I have to say, the headlights look stupid! I thought the 4 huge lights were 2 headlights and 2 fog lights but all 4 were on and all looked as though they were low beam headlights and all looked GAY! Ass end looked stupid also! Nice look from the side though

good kill

good kill, they should run a mid 13 with a good driver

Not bad but CHEVY>FORD

Thanks! They are slow and most 8 cylinder cars should beat their ass if they are stock! Didn’t take but a second to blow by him but I am full bolt-on anyways!

theyre actually one of the faster 8cyl cars made.

They outrun GM’s competition (GTO)

I just have a couple bolt ons, wanna race? :slight_smile:

I got a Ford for ya

Good for you, see me in the spring-I will let you pick the car too.

should be fun, but whats wrong with now? if you can talk shit now, you should be able to back it up now :wink:

damn chebbie ricers

you basically said what I was thinking :slight_smile:

As long as you are 11’s and feeling a little froggy! I just race for fun though

believe me, i’ll be more than enough of a good race for ya :slight_smile:

OK sounds as though you must be low 11’s or 10’s…maybe 9’s! I don’t know what you got! I am racing one last time this season and that is the 14th at MIR in Southern MD! Don’t wanna break before years end!

well bring it little blue boy!!!

i agree…would be a good race…2 sweet cars. also, way to go Axe. always cool to smoke a new (or redesigned) model when its all hyped up.


I’ve always been able to bring it :slight_smile:

I’m not 9’s or 10’s

low 12’s, high 11’s right now

al depends if I f it up or not

his best time was 12.2???but know he has a pully!