1.75$ Beer And Welldrinks Tonight @ The Bellveiw

@ The Bellveiw Bar/Hotel. Its on Como park blvd. In between borden and
union. or for the people that dont know the area its in between
transit and union just about right in the middle of the two. here is
the deal. they are trying to make a small cruisenight there so this
would be a nice spot to come hang out and get there awesome wings
before you all go to Taffy’s. It starts @ 5pm so its a good place to
pregame and get some dinner in before you go out. they have a pool
table,dart board,and a jukebox with just about everything on it.
1.75$ on all beer and well drinks!

thats it hope to see you all there

very good turnout last week and its getting bigger everyweek

I might come up, depends on the gas situation and/or if i can get a ride…im dead broke and got like mad dr apointments this week.

i’ll be there pizza logs emmmmmmmmmmmmm…

yea its a great hangout, I’ll be defaulting this week however to spend a few much needed hours with the women before starting work at midnight :slight_smile: