1" Body Lift Installed

Went pretty easy.

The Radiator is contected to the body where the motor is contected to the frame, so the the bottom of the fan shroud would hit the fan from the motor, and the Kit comes with directions and bolts and brackets. As I sat there reading it, I thought to myself, fuck this. Im just going ot cut the bottom off.

so i did and problem solved. lol

It was a Teraflex 1" body lift also came with a t-case shitfter relocation bracket that i didnt use cause after the lift was installed there was no binding so i said fuck it.

some pics:
Of what the pucks look like installed:
and some of the jeep:

'bout time… now lets go off-roading.

oh yeah, looks good.

purty sweet

Looks good Ian… and I know that you’ll put that to good use!

alright come on out here and help me get my lift on, and we’ll be all set to go. looks good.

I had a friend with a body lift. he cut the shroud on his fan and now has overheating issues. watch that temp gauge for a little while.

nice :tup:

so when are you comin’ back up to visit the Buff? :stuck_out_tongue:

im game

Man Ian, that looks freaking great…

thanks :slight_smile:

:tup: looks sweet

nice digs, now park it half way up the tree in your front lawn

Personally I hate body lifts. Suspension Lift > Body.

Primarily because of the gaps you have inbetween the frame and body… like @ the bumper…

just ugly imo.

I can say :tup: because at least you have a reason for lifting your jeep… and not cause its a jeep thing

I agree 100% thats why i went with a small body lift

a body lift helps out for future mods, makes other mods easier to do. so thats why i did it.

you cant even notice it when you are just looking at it.

i have a 2" suspension lift already so everyone was like, ok i dont see a difference.

lol… I guess I am one of the few, that constantly picks out the body lift, and instantly says I HATE IT

Like I said though, you are doing it for all the right reasons :tup:

My bronco had 12 inches of lift, 4 of which came from a body lift… but the bumpers had to go down anyways… so I was expecting some gap.