anyone going to IMPORTFEST in TO?

i want to but cant find anyone who wants to go

i wanna go, but i don’t wanna drive…but i’ll help pay for gas :slight_smile: lol

ill drive as long as u dont try to rape me

i look like this: o/-<

trust me, stick figures cant rape the willing :rofl:

but srsly, i’ll do that.

lol alright ill let u know

Sounds good, Thanks!

I’d love to go but I’m working.

my friends are all going i would but opening day of shotgun season is more important to me

i’d think so, considering you drive a domestic :slight_smile:

yep… also lol at the jackstands in your sig pic

lol, truth. it’ll be that way til the turbo setup decides it wants to arrive at my door.

i was thinking about driving home to go to it,

but after getting my ticket i doubt ill be able to make it

a bunch of my friends cars will be in it there mostly showey cars though but i wish them luck

and speedped you mean rice is showing up?

Damn work ownes me, I went to this in 02 or 03 was sick, many many hott models! Even Tila tequila was there i have a modified magazine signed by her lol. I remember the part when they turned off every light in the palce and had a neon show off was cool back then!

ive got a bed for u get ur ass here

hopfully ill be going with the wifey and IKSHO89

if i see u there expect dick kick for using the term wifey

and then expect a punch to your face :slight_smile: