12th Annual WNY Corvette Club Cruis June 19th Bring your lawn chair

June 19th from 10am to 5pm hosted by Joe basil Chevrolet 5111 transit road Depew NY 14043 free admission and all donations support WNY Homeless Veterans

Free food/auctions/raffles/baskets for more info check out www.wnycc.com

Award for best corvette of each generation.




hope there will be some of this going on.

I should be there with the wife. Lawn chairs for sure

Is this vette exclusive?

I already invited the FIL with his 5th gen Camaro ragtop…so hopefully not that exclusive…I can’t see them turning him away.

Will they allow a FORD?


Now I gotta bring my crew and cause havoc…

Just think, you and 1QIKZ can tag team the whole lot!

Hopefully there are chicks there…

It’s a Vette show, of course there will be…



This thread delivers

I have plans in the morning and evening that day but might be able to stop in, in between plans.

Nice sheepskin seat covers.

Yes, ill have to come over and put some names to faces, ill be working from 10 to 4