$1500.00 guaranteed trade on any used vehicle


I always liked it when salesman starts talking about how much my trade is worth at auction.


well…that’s what they are generally worth


Sheet metal scrap is around $237, it’s down $0.84 today so…


so what are you getting at ?


That’s where I value used cars


320 is killer in cars, congrats. Makes me glad to sell RVs. Seriously though, it’s funny how some dealerships don’t recondition at all, some do a ton of it. If your price is high you are the bad guy, and if your product isn’t perfect you are the bad guy. Not sure how cars are but I know in RVs you absolutely don’t get both.


I’m all used to…re recondition to the 9’s


It’s more complicated then just sell price. Front end, back end, financing kick backs, factory dealer incentives, factory sales targets, and more factor in. I haven’t bought a new vehicle since 04 and probably won’t. I have access to the dealer auctions and just not interested in new cars - prefer pre 1972:) I honestly don’t know how used car dealers are making much margin based on the prices at the auctions. If you aren’t getting back end margin from financing or repairs/tires/etc, it would be hard to make good money. There seems to be an abundance of used car dealers and with the Internet, it’s much more difficult to make big profits on the car sale side. I agree with some of the other statements - a fair margin is expected and a salesperson who works hard impresses customers.

320 is a ton - seems like you would get burned out after a few years at this level - must be young:) What’s the success ratio? In other words, to sell 320 cars, you must have talked/emailed 3-4 times that many potential customers? I’m in telecom/network sales and that’s impressive.


I’d also be curious as to what 320 car sales nets in front end gross.


well I flopped at 314 or so after everything said and done, was hoping for an even 320 but maybe this year


Hell of a job dude. See you at the best of the best!