$1500.00 guaranteed trade on any used vehicle

As the title states as long as you drive it in here we will give you 1500 dollars for your POS

So even if you’re selling the vehicle at invoice you’ll still honor 1500 trade in? Jw

on used only, but I’m sure I can figure something out on a used one

when will dealers realize that this shit doesnt work anymore?

what doesn’t work?

trying to lure customers in with promises of guaranteed trade ins.

sure you give $1500 but no adjustment to the sales price, which in the end is the same for both parties as they would typically get.

most modern car buyers realize that car dealers arent going to lose money and just want a fair price with no BS

My buddy just bought a new jeep, they wouldn’t take his truck in on trade due to condition, though I would argue it was worth around 1500 or so…

wasn’t here, never ever turned a trade away

So if the price is fair and they give you $1500 how is that not a fair deal? If anything people nowadays don’t want to haggle and just want to know where they are at right off the bat.

Either way it is still a discount. Giving you $1500 for a car worth $100 is the same as $1400 off the price. But for a lot of people they need to get rid of the junker in the driveway to do anything so it removes that objection.

I don’t see how it is BS. Plus I love how dealers price cars at the profit margin required to do business and we see them as criminals for doing so when every other business does the same thing and gets no grief for it. Many people spend more a month on groceries than their car payment yet they aren’t haggling with the cashier at Wegmans. And I’m pretty sure the Wegmans family is rolling in monies. PLUS the whole BUYING AT INVOICE thing is the biggest joke in the world. 9% fucking hold back is fine as long as you think you are buying it at “invoice.” I think I’m at a point in life where I’d rather have a small dealership that gave me a good experience actually make a gross profit on me where the sales person actually got paid a commission, than just be a number at some big dealership that forgets any thing promised in the deal by the next week. More to the point. This works for people that need to get rid of a junker. Not the case for many of us on here but so what. Obviously you could get a better deal on the car and sell the junker on your own, but maybe you need to make more fucking money in life when you are worried about trying to sell your piece of shit to another poor person in your front yard at midnight cause it might turn out to be $900 better to you. Convenience is everything. And basically this argument is irrelevant because Saxon isn’t poor and doesn’t drive junk cars.

I hate when someone has a POS trade and we are showing them 1500 typically a 1300 dollar over allowance and they fight with you saying the kbb is this or that and they can sell it for xxxx on the front yard…people have no common sense sometimes

@Saxon I don’t get the hate. It’s all marketing… it’s all tweaking the numbers. If this promotion is enough incentive to get someone in the door, then GUESS WHAT… it works.
@Kramer is a solid dude, and goes about selling cars the right way… by taking care of our people here, and their friends and family.

The car game can suck… for sure, but let’s focus on sending fresh ups to @Kramer instead of letting this spiral into a conversation about dealership tactics. LOL


ha ha…sometimes peoples negotiating skills are so bad they are good

I’ve never bought a car from Kramer so I can’t say anything about how he negotiates prices. A lot of people on NYSpeed vouch for him so that carries a lot of weight for me. I talked to him when I bought my Enclave but he only sells used not CPO and I really wanted a CPO so that ended any possibility of getting a car with him for me. I will say Basil in general is high on their internet prices. What I’ve noticed in the last few years is that many dealers within a 200 mile radius have started pricing their cars online with low margins and there hasn’t been a lot of room to negotiate down. Those dealers get my business though because I walk in knowing they’re already at a fair price and I’m not going to have to play games trying to talk them down 3k+. In the case of the Enclave I bought the dealer was already under KBB, I got them down another $500 over the phone and we had the deal basically done before I even drove down to get it.

Here’s a quick example based on my recent shopping. 2014 Enclave Leather AWD with 43k at Basil, Used (not even a CPO) for $29943

A quick search online and I can find an identical 2014 AWD Leather, 43k miles, CERTIFIED, for $26998.

So when I walk in the door at Basil I’ve already got to negotiate with them for $3k, really more like $4500-$5000 since most people will agree that a CPO warranty on a $25k+ car is worth a $1500-$2000 premium. That’s the kind of stuff that turns me off a dealership, and probably why so many of my purchases have been short road trips. Could I get the Basil price down from $30k to the $25k that car is legitimately worth being a non CPO walking in off the street with no hookup with a salesman? Maybe. It’s definitely going to be a long process of going back and forth listening to the salesman’s line about, “This is a lot to come down, I’ve got to go run it by the sales manager”, having them come down $500 at a time, me starting to walk out, the salesman going back to the manager etc etc and wasting my time. At the end even if I get them down the $5k all that work, time and most of all stress just got me to the point at the other dealership where I could have just walked in and paid the advertised price.

I get it, everyone needs to eat, but these dealerships are starting to realize the consumer is getting smarter and knows a lot more about what a car is worth than they did 10 years ago.

used car pricing is tough, they may have stole that vehicle on trade bought it off dead grandma ect, I will say this, we do spend a ton more on reconditioning than the average dealer but I do try to take care of friends and people on here as best as I can.

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I also highly doubt that that enclave is juiced up 3 or 4k, its very rare that we make big margins like that anymore with the internet, my money is made on volume and referrals. This year I will finish just over 320 units which puts me the top guy again at all the basil stores, hard work pays off, last year I did 303. it is def a grind but I enjoy it!

320 is no joke. Congrats man.

Seriously, even if you worked 6 days a week with no vacation that’s over a car per workday average. Damn dude.

In all fairness. One Buick is retirement tan with a brown gut and the only option is leather. The other one is Black on Black fully optioned out with dual sunroofs and Bose. The one at Basil is worth $2,000-$2500 more on trade because of it…

Didn’t even notice that because I was looking quick for a couple examples unlike when I was actually buying and looking closely. Here, still not a CPO, similar options in the leather trim level without bose, $28k vs a black/black CPO with Bose for $25800.

But what ever, the guy sold 320 cars last year so he and the dealership are doing something right. I had to go google what the average was I was so shocked to see that number. 10-12 a month is the national average BTW. So damn, he’s just crushing it.

10-12 is decent for all the dealers I support (40+)

320 is pretty damn good, I believe my last year was 280 something but that’s at a store that sold 150 a month between 12 guys

i wasn’t trying to insult Kramer, more or less a rant about dealers beating around the bush instead of just advertising a good “fair” price

who do you work for now?