16g and 14b exhaust housings


im helping my frend put on a turbo kit on his 3g eclipse…we had a 16g but it got dropped and its fawkd now…i had a 14b laying around so i gave it to him…problem is…the exhaust side is craked EVERWHERE so i took the exhaust side from the 16g and put it on the 14b…it looks the same,fits…and lookd to be ok on there, same spacing between the exhaust fins as the 14b housing…just tryin to see if someone can give me a definite “ok” before we go finishing the project

it will work fine ,but may spool a little slower

well thats fine…cause that was actually an issue with putting a 14b instea of waiting to find another 16g…thanks don

well now maybe he won’t have to buy another 16g

maybe, i hope so :lol:

what’s fucked up about the 16G what happened when it got dropped? Anyway about the 16 exhaust housing. That’s how I have my 14b running. I haven’t noticed any real difference in spool but I did notice that it took power pretty much up to redline rather than dropping off after 6k. So it’s a good thing.

it fell about 2 feet and hit the concrete, bending 2 of the fins over till ther were almost touching the next fin … needs a rebuild now

would be sweet if its possible to use the 14b exhaust impeller and the shaft … cause then its just a case of just balancing it, and maybe a rebuild kit if it hit the ground hard enough