18 inch Work VSXX 4x114 staggered and SWEET

Faces redone by vr wheels last year.

Lips need a repolish, but alum is clean.

18x9.5 /8.5 +25to30ish

Unknown offset and width. (full guestimations)

4 bolt is rare.

Note: I am in HAMILTON ONTARIO CANADA. 40 mins or less from the GTA.
If you want to google to see how far? L8E 2J8
If you want to ask a question… DONT PM OR EMAIL ME! 905 962 seven498 Calling or texting is fine!
If you want to work out delivery, see above
If you want to buy it asap, see above
If you want to cry that its too expensive, or your buddy this and your friend that, Save it, I dont care.
If you want to trade…I need this stuff…
-S15/S14 Turbo
-V8/LSX stuff
-Kouguchi Power hood or something similar for S13
-Aftermarket rear lower control arms for S13

These would be great for acura tsx, rsx, nsx, tl, csx, jdm, s13, s14, silvia, kouki, zenki, 326power, pignose, 2 tone, 240sx, 180sx, ps13, rps13, r32, r33, skyline, gts-t, gtr, mazda 3 6 speed 5 camry frs mustang and more. Bodykit, lipkit, aerokit, s15, sr20det, ka24de turbo , coilovers, coils, 2 way 1.5 way HID staggerd staggard stagger swagger odd tags for kijjji low offset deep dish race 3pc 2 piece 3 bbs rotiform rays gram lights

any one that buys this rim. i will have set of 4.9" lip for salr early next year. chrome lip


  1. And mugen accord, these would be a improvement on the falkens I sold you 2 yrs ago! 905 96two 7498 call or text

Good price, should get the specs though!

AAAHHHH,why 4 bolt .Damn it!

Were you running a 15mm spacer in those pics?

all natural

why do people spend 1200 on fake shit when they can get cool wheels?


Why buy replica shit when you can get the real deal for a little more!??