1972 Volvo P1800 body - UN-TITLE-ABLE.


Heres the issue: This body does have an Illinois state title. However it is already signed from two owners ago in both the buyer & seller fields. Dated around 2004 and unless your name is Frank it’s not easily forgeable.
I sent off a couple of letters to the addresses on the titles, as well as two alternate addresses I had someone :snky: find. Out of 4 letters 3 came back return to sender and the there are not high hopes for the 4th address.
If you’re feeling froggy you can try to file an MV51 / MV51B as if there were NO title for the car… but IDK how well that will work considering that the VIN brings up a valid title cert on the IL DMV site.
Car is basically non-titleable. Yea. Sucks. Wish I’d known.

The car is just as it is in the thread linked above, minus the parts wagon as it was rusted to shit and even the few bits of worthwhile trim weren’t worth the removal effort.
Also there is NO glass for the car. There IS a front windsheild but it had a crack from top to bottom and is basically worthless.
There are two spots in the front frame rail that need to be welded up and there is rot in the sill / floor pan. However the body is complete and in relatively great condition.

Almost ALL parts needed for a restoration or resto-mod are available from various online vendors (save for glass), though you’d be better off finding a recently wrecked or rotted donor car to get started: Fuel tank, interior, light fixtures, trim, and glass. Swap in pretty much any drivetrain, plumb up the brakes & fuel, paint and rock on.

$300 obo. It’ll be on ebay tonight and if all else fails it’s scrapped next week. I can get more pictures up in a day or two if anyone is actually interested.


It really sucks that you got hosed with that title business.

I know you would have made it a cool car for sure.

Which reminds me - if anyone awnts to drop a Honda F20 & Trans into this, LMK - I have / had a seller lined up in PA for ~$1k.

can’t you re-vin legally, or strip it and kit-car register it?

or just flat out vin-swap her?

my parents own a 67’ p1800. such a head turner!! people always stop them to talk about the car!

glws and gl to buyer on the title business. i’m sure there’s a work around


Thread Save?: http://ithaca.craigslist.org/cto/1316801846.html

Up for sale are 2-1800 volvo’s for parts. Asking $350.00 or best offer. call 607-898-xxxx

http://images.craigslist.org/3nf3p53o25Oe5Q85Sb98a5d38ccdd8cea1c9a.jpg http://images.craigslist.org/3m23ob3l25Pa5S55R298ab376a29095db10b3.jpg
http://images.craigslist.org/3n13k73lc5Q75Sa5Rd98a2c17d28516fc19ac.jpg http://images.craigslist.org/3k73pe3le5O65P05Sf98acbd54c85e0d31451.jpg

Possibly they would come with a title, or you can obtain one for it. Then how you manage them is up to you.