1991 Honda Accord...WRX blue, shaved door handles..$1700obo..

i have a 91 honda accord for sale,Wrx blue, 5speed…all details are here,


sorry this is the 2nd Link i posted…im just running short on time right now, gotta goto work, and figured id post them for sale and see if i get any responce while im at work

thanks alot guys


Looks pretty clean.


i ask, where is teh beef

and i am answered.

doesnt look bad.

BLLP represent

BLLP REP! LMFAO…that was from when we were like 16 yrs old…lol 6 years ago. shows how long we had the car and how far we came lol

man this car ran around for like 2 years with 2 Rims and 2 steelies…lol

lol ur right it did…buy it wasnt mine untill about a month ago. my frient traded it in at my dealership, so its mine now…i had plans 4 it, but i just dont got time.

poor accord :frowning:

:stupid: :kekegay:

he worked at napa off of babcock , whoever owned it when the steelies were on the front for 2 years got put on blast all the time…not by me but by others…dude seemed kool when i talked to him

Yea i was my buddy brandon…Real Cool dude. Knows ALOT about cars…but he got rid of it and bought a trail blazer. hes a Cop now lol

a cop? , o shit…he should arrest himself for not respecting the honda…lol

pm sent

Me and the original owner were best buds in high school, he did good work, even bought a turbo kit for it.