1999 Sportster chop


the angle of the pipes kind of bothers me, I almost feel like they should be parallel or more of an increased angle apart… not sure why though, maybe because the bottom pipe is parallel to the frame rail there?


I guess it’s just personal preference. I think it’s just enough off angle to tell it was intentional without looking too far off.


I don’t mind the angle. I have super angled exhaust on my Z though.


I get it and I dig it. Bike looks awesome dude, nice save.


Out of curiosity, how hard is it to kick over a whatever size V twin that is? Not the actual force needed to push down on the kicker, but, how many times do you usually need to kick it before it fires? I got a better workout kicking over the Trident the first time of the season than doing a high intensity cardio session. After that first miserable time though they are not bad at all.


This bike starts first or second kick.

My panhead usually takes a few more.

My shovelhead takes either many or one.

My honda usually one or two.


Background: I’m driving this bike to california and back in August, so I wanted some highway pegs. I worked out exactly where I wanted them first, then had to figure out how to mount them. What I didn’t want was something that stuck out really far when I wasn’t using them. Most of the time highway pegs are just a normal size peg on a long bracket, so when you fold them up, they still stick out really far. I came up with a design that allowed me to keep it skinny when not in use.

So first, I did some lathe work…

Followed by some mill work. These fish scales match my exhaust. Also I had to buy an 8" long socket head cap screw for these. The biggest screw I own based on length/diameter ratio by far.

Then roughed out a mounting bracket:

Shaped it with a file and sander:


Gave it a rough polish:

Then mounted it to the bike. Position is perfect.

I should have wiped this down before taking the pic but oh well…

Here’s the best part though. Nice and skinny when folded up. Clears fork perfectly.

Another shot.

Looks like a fuckin’ light saber on my bike. Darth would be proud.


They do look like light sabers lol, solid work


Decided I don’t like the blue frame. From ride-able bike to bare frame, 1 hour, 20 minutes with the help of @GV1390



I wasn’t a fan of that frame color either, good decision


LOL what happened to “i dont have the time/effort to do that anytime soon”


A huge piece of the blue paint flaked off in a very visible place and that was the final nail in the coffin.


Frame going a neutral color like black? Keeping the tank/oil/fenders as is?

I dig it man, i really dig this bike.


Yep. Black and blue/grey tins. It’ll probably look like walker’s pan.


good. its going to look so much better…

it was a monochromatic eyesore.


I also smoothed out a bunch of the sharp edges that were on the Haifley kit, filled some extra holes in the frame and just cleaned it up in general.


Filled some holes, cut off some extra stuff. Used my awesome Metabo tube polisher to smooth out lots of things. Dropped her at my blaster/powdercoater, he rushed the job through for me and I picked it up that evening after work.

Reassembly took about 5 hours. I also added in some deutsch connectors to the harness I’d made earlier this year. Also replaced the rubber barb hoses on the oil tank with black braided lines with AN hose ends. Now it looks 100x better to me. I’m very very happy with the results.

This picture sorta stinks, but I wanted to show where I also cleaned up the area under the oil tank which I will use later for an auxiliary fuel tank.


I would just get a cheap large prefabbed tank for the rip out west to make fuel stops not an issue, cover it with stickers, a nonsense hello kitty paint job or chalk board paint and then hang it on the wall after the trip and put your peanut back on.


I have a pretty cool idea for an aux tank I want to try.


he already has a plan in the works :snky:

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damn. beat to the post…