Knewman's Knuckle


Step one will be piecing together the motor.

Going to try to use all original external parts, but don’t have a problem using new/updated/upgraded parts inside the motor.

I’m going to build a frame from scratch, and have a whole list of things I’d like to do, but nothing too crazy, no boost. Half considered fuel injection, but I’ll see how that pans out.



This is going to be another great thread. Fuck yeah.



Fuel injection would be sweet. An m400 should do the trick nicely.

Edit: are you willing to mod the outside of the engine to add cam/crank position sensors though?


I am not saying this to be an ass, but, I can only imagine what that collection of parts cost. Is what is in the picture what you have? I would keep it stock looking on the outside. I think the knuckle looks perfect. So say you build a frame, what do you do for a VIN? Do you just use the engine VIN for registration purposes? Does anyone ever care/check shit like that on a bike?


harley didnt stamp vins on frames until late 69 which they would consider a 1970 model year.

pre 70 all vins are on the case.


Yeah, there is no VIN on the frame pre-70s, so as walker said you can pretty much do whatever you want.

I’m likely not going to modify the engine or transmission at all. I will use aftermarket internals and maybe jugs, but will try to keep the exterior stock. I’m torn if I will use the standard sort of sloppy oil line routing, or if I should make my own. I’m leaning toward the later, but if I do that, I will not modify the OEM knuckle tins and just get repop ones.

Yeah it’s expensive. I’ll likely be around 15 for the motor alone all said and done, I suspect, but you gotta pay to play…


Looking forward to this :tup:


I thought this was gonna be a male tail thread…shame.




If you have to ask…


What is wrong with the ones you have?


Take that, wallet! UGH!


These ones were in better shape. No repairs. I’ll sell what I don’t use.


Makes sense


I hope you paid in singles?


20’s 50’s and 100’s


I’ve been doing a lot of design work on this bike over the past couple weeks. I’m debating on trying to get it into a big show in early 2017, but if that’s the case, I can’t really post anything until mid next year. :confused:

That being said, I’ve closing in on 15 grand in parts spent over the past couple weeks, not including the 9 grand I’ve got into the motor already.

This is going to be an expensive motorcycle.

I suspect I’ll have between 40 or 50 into it when I’m done, at 0 dollars/hour labor. Eesh.


but youll be on the top of the chopper pyramid


And it could lead to a future career of being a highly paid motorcycle fabricator.


Maybe you can go work for Orange County choppers if you get good enough