My sponsored 78 shovelhead build thread


So I won a motorcycle build contest that gives me tons of free parts and services.

It’s called The Greasy Dozen.

So I went out and scooped up this 78 Shovel from western Ohio last night. Runs and drives. Guy was selling all of his bikes before the weekend before some divorce shit happened. This was his personal bike. I actually felt bad when I was loading it all up because he looked pretty sad about it.

Has a clean title. Got it for 4200 which is about 2 grand less than other shovels in worse condition with salvage/special-built titles.

Included a bunch of extras including a second set of OEM tins, new unpainted aftermarket tanks and fender, windshield, and THESE saddle bags that I’d never use but are brand new.

So here’s what I’m starting with:

He also threw in this CB 550 which needs a few minor things (most of which I already have) for free!

My plans for the shovel are:

Rigid frame
Microsquirt EFI
Sportbike/dirbike forks
big (not wide) tires
high mid controls

idk what else… I plan to be fabbing a lot of stuff. The CB i will probably get it fixed and running and then sell it for an easy $1000+


god dammit. what a smokin deal. nothing cool like that ever happens to me lol.


:tup: can’t wait.


:tup: sell the bike to me as is. lol


Will the stock motor be able to handle boost?


Honestly just going to run like 3 psi lol. More about the cool factor and being a ricer than anything.


turbo and megasquirt :tup:

can’t wait to see this build


It’s so hard to do anything that’s unique in the motorcycle world that isn’t just supremely gay (remember the gas tank backpack from the other thread?)… figure this will be a good mix of stuff I know and stuff I don’t


sounds like a fun project. if you need a hand or moral support hit me up. i pass your street on a regular basis lately.


Congrats on the sponsorship. Is it like a independent biker build off?


Thank you. Pretty much exactly that.


Sounds cool best of luck with build can’t wait to see the finished result


Sell me the cb as is :slight_smile:


Subscribed… can this thread be made visible by non-members?


I’m interested to see how this bike turns out. Did you find some baby turbo already? What do these old bikes redline at? I’d really love to see some custom forged pistons tossed in there and 10psi haha.


it already is




twin turbo with gt06? haha. We are using one on the formula car this year and it’s a 450cc motor. gt12 is a bit bigger…


An aerocharger would make this much much easier.


That’s what he’s looking at.

Got everything cleaned up tonight and in place ready to wrench on. CB looks to be in good condition and I already have dibs on it fellas :slight_smile: