1st and 2nd gen s10 rear ends

basically my question is , are 2wd 6 cylinder s10 rear ends the same? can you pull a 1st gen s10 rear and directly bolt it in a 2nd gen without changing anything at all…

depending the the year off the 1st gen,they all fit,carrier size & backing plates(for abs reasons)housing it self is basically the same!

no abs for me…

there is a difference between the 2wd and 4wd rear ends if u jump to a second gen make sure u keep a 4x4 rear with a 4x4 and a 2wd with a 2wd

i have heard that 4wd is 2 inches wider than 2wd.

& zr2’s are 2" wider than reg 4x4’s that are 2" wider than 2wd!Thanks Dan for got about that! some s-10 rears are 8.5’s,all zr2s most 5spd 4x4’s & some 2wd’s! Chris got a 2wd 8.5 in his truck!

Not sure about technical specifications but will surely recommend you not to try out something like this on your own and always ensure you take proper mechanical information from an experienced person so that you wont end up damaging your vehicle and waste your precious time in doing so.