20% off all in stock vehicles must trade!

As the title states 20% off all in stock vehicles, must trade please give me a call with any questions!

John Kramer

716 479 1084

this is huge money off of corvettes, tahoes, and silverados

What do you mean by “must trade”?

You must trade something in…

Sounds too good to be true.

Any carbon 65 grand sports?

Ok thanks. I thought that is what you meant but…


this would be a good deal for 42’gs, let say you just give them a beater.

The home page fine print says 20% off new 2017 models, with a trade of 2007 or newer? http://www.joebasilchevrolet.com/

But is it 20% off MSRP or 20% off of “cyber price”?

Is the $2000 bonus included in that 20%?

So $50k car - 20% = $40k and then 2007 or newer trade bonus = $2000 = $38k?

Kramer, break down the stealership fine/print :lol:

Haha just when I was thinking I could upgrade from my 02 .

I don’t really want a car payment though

2007 Jeep $500


Haha, not a bad idea. Basils gonna get flooded with Craigslist cars now lol

didn’t know that advertise it, really thought was just for nyspeeders. i guess it makes sense for only new cars. however, it’s still a killer deal if someone is looking for a new toyota. most toyota dealers would knock 500-1000off on corolla, camry, or rav4 VS (20%) thats around 4000 and up off, and given the fact that they give you a fair trade in value.

20 percent off includes all rebates and discounts/bonus

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its a lot of money off

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stealership :picard: