2000 Camaro SS - GT55 94mm build


Looking good Bill :tup:


LSX block showed up today. Probably buying the rest of the bottom end toys in the next coming weeks and getting the machining rolling. I’ve been picking away at some fab in the engine bay and final mock up. I need to extend part of the wiring harness, but pretty much have all that figured out. I’m looking forward to disassembling the engine bay so I can prep it for paint. Before I actually paint it though, I hope to have my LS1 sold and use that money for the cage over at RJ ProFab. If anybody knows someone looking, I have a CLEAN 33,000 mile LS1 with a cam and springs. All the covers are included, as well as various sensors. Starting to make some progress…



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Haven’t touched this in 3 months :tspry:


Fingers have too many paper cuts from bridal magazines to wrench?





LOL. Actually I’ve been getting in trouble for lack of participation. Cake was good though! There’s a potential house upgrade in the works, so I’m sort of in a stall pattern with the major purchases. There’s other stuff I can be working on with the car, but work and beer and no desire…


Get to work!!!


I think I’m finally ordering engine toys this week. Just waiting on some head info back from Brian Tooley so I can decide on the bore. Starting to finally get that itch again.


Nice! Yeah LJMS is really pushing me to run the TFS 245. They friggin LOVE them things. I really struggle to not run a larger square port head and makeup for poor exhaust flow via camshaft.


That’s my plan as well. Brian Tooley modifies them so you can use a stock rocker. He changes the rocker mount angle and switches to powdered metal guides. I really didn’t want to use ridiculous rockers. I’m pretty sure these modified heads are the same thing LJMS is pushing.

I’m just waiting to hear his input on what these heads will do on a smaller bore with the valve shrouding. I didn’t want open up this engine as much as they suggest “yet”… I need to be able to blow this thing up and still use it :lol: At least now I’m being realistic…


Funny I had the same thought on bore size going right to 4.125. It is very smart/realistic to know at these power levels we will eventually run out of overbore ability.

Yes LJMS is supporting/selling the Tooley heads.


+2 :thumright:


I will be able to give my thoughts on them in a few weeks. :slight_smile:


Great job Jay filthy habits.


Just checked out the pics, that exhaust is incredible.


Thanks! Filthy Habits Jay is very good at what he does.

Final combo set :snky:

jk, this isn’t 2005.

LSx block (already here)
Wiseco pistons - 4.070"
Callies Dragonslayer 3.625" stroke (stock)
Manley Pro-series I-beam rods

Once the bottom end is together, TFS 245 heads modified by Brian Tooley. Working on some touches in the engine bay starting next weekend, cage in the summer, then onto fuel. I’d love to run E85, but having a street friendly setup that will flow enough for the HP I’m going for is not easy. It requires two big bulky, noisy, expensive external pumps, a custom tank, and various other BS. Trying to keep this setup simple, I’ll just stick with C16 for high boost.

Go Bills!


You could do what I am doing, run a Walbro 450 in the tank and a 4303 or some other crazy fuel pump for higher boost levels. Either have it turn on with a Hobbs switch or if you have a good memory just a secondary switch. That way you don’t have to completely switch out fuels just to step on the go pedal. :slight_smile:


It’s kind of refreshing to see someone doing a $$$ build. Sooooo many junkyard builds. (Coming from someone with a JY 5.3).