2000 Camaro SS - GT55 94mm build


For what I’m doing I’d need two 4303 pumps on E85, larger lines, much larger injectors etc, which is doable but a huge pain in the ass and I have to cut the spending somewhere.

In the end, I should’ve done a junk yard build :lol: It’s insane since my last go around how abundant turbo builds became


Dual 450s will do over 1000rwhp+ on E85 I just watched someone make 1200 something on a LSX bottom end twin turbo setup.

I was looking at running dual 4303s also


I’m doing a squash dual 450 setup which is good for about 1500whp gas, 1150whp e85. I’ve been limited by fuel before which is aggravating. LZ, interested to see your dual 4303 setup if you end up doing it.


I think about this all the time lol. the talk of not just southgate but the talk of the streets was the blue turbo Camaro haha, now someone says they turbo’ed there LS and people are like “and? that’s it? siqqqqqqqqq…rolls eyes”


I called Nasty N8 its just a matter of handing them money.

I’m trying to get the chassis and crap finished before I look at make 1000hp+ lol


Nice work. I have a 55gal drum of c16 for this season if you need/want to try some. I have had good luck on it. Leaded fuels leave more deposits than I like and I did finally kill an o2 sensor on it (3 seasons). But realistically I will stay on c16(track only) until I make a dual fuel system to run a clutched belt drive and M1.


This got me thinking about E85 again, but after a bunch of pondering it would just take too much to get there, and it’s much simpler to go C16. It does leave a lot of deposits like you said, but nothing I can’t live with. I’d love to run a belt drive, but I just don’t have the real estate.

My engine just sold, so RJ Profab will be getting a call this week for a cage, though I’m interested to see LZ’s finished product as well. Man night at the shop Friday. I plan to extend the harness and finish up the chassis work at the front of the car. Then everything comes out for paint prep, and off to get the cage. I also just ordered a bunch of fittings and crap for the turbo oiling, and will likely FINALLY order the engine crap this week. The last decision to make for the bottom end is 8.2:1 or 9.3:1 SCR. Leaning towards 9.3:1.


Not a fucking chance id go 8.2


I agree. My last couple engines were in 8.2-8.5, but I think I was being overly conservative. The cam will be more important anyways for the DCR. A lot of people are running a lot higher than I realized.


Hell LJMS wanted me at 10.5 which is what I ran last year but since I plan to go over 30psi I am going a little lower.


For C16, correct?


Correct. I run 93 on the street. I stay around 10psi on the street


One could say I scratched a few itches this week:

  • Crank, rods, pistons, studs, damper, and oil pump ordered
  • LS1 engine sold to a local gentleman
  • Tentative appointment scheduled at RJ Profab for a cage/chute mount sometime early May
  • Turbo oil lines/fittings ordered
  • Squash fuel pump setup ordered - good for ~1,400-1,500rwhp on gas
  • Rest of the fuel supplies “in the cart” for when I’m ready to pull the trigger
  • Started the last of the front end chassis fab needed before tear down last week. Hope to complete that tonight.
  • I ordered a nice 29-pin Deutsch connector to extend part of my harness, which I also need to get done before tear down.

I’m almost to the point where the busy work is completed. Then the fun part of putting the final product back together comes, can’t wait!




Very nice man!




Actually, yes!

Car is 85% ripped apart. Appointment with RJ Profab at the end of May for the cage. I have almost everything for the shortblock and the heads and related components are being ordered from BTR today. I’m just waiting for Cartek to get back to me about the cam so I get the proper springs and lifters.

I’ve been buying lots of odds and ends the last several months, and things are starting to move along. I’m looking forward to getting the car back from RJ so I can start final assembly. I also need to box up the turbo stuff to send out to detective coating. Depending on how things go, I’d REALLY like to have the car driving before winter and likely WOT tuning in spring.

The shop was starting to become a disaster and I hate working like that, so I had to spend a few nights organizing and cleaning, lol.


I keep seeing wedding updates I was worried I feel much better now :tup:


Not posted by me!!


How much cage are you doing? 8.5?

Mine is over at Muscle Car Alley getting some additional bars/trunk cut/cowl removed/much larger tub than the Wolfes I had.