2000 Camaro SS - GT55 94mm build


Ya, that’s it. It’ll have the dash bar, window net, and chute, but I don’t want all the extra bars around my head. Hopefully the track lets me play from time to time, but I also don’t plan on turning up the wick on a constant basis.


Are you running stock style LCA’s? Looking forward to seeing the tubs.

As mentioned, I spent a few days after work cleaning the shop. Got the Kirkey’s mocked up before I rip all the interior out, then started on the interior. I’m at the shop now to hopefully get everything out in a few hours. Time’s ticking before the cage appointment and I’ll be out of town all next weekend :tif:






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I just remembered how enjoyable removing the dash is :tdown:



Got a nice care package from Brian Tooley Racing today. TrickFlow 245cc 6-bolt cathedral heads, HIP’d and dressed. LS7 lifters, OEM rockers with trunnion upgrade, Katech IWIS timing chain, and some other associated jazz. Great guys to deal with. I’m sending one of the heads out to my tuner to flow so he can spec a cam, and then off to the machine shop we go.

The car finally went to RJ Profab last Wednesday for the cage, and I hope to have it back in the next few weeks.


Goal is to have it running and driving in October, but a lot of things are going to have to go right for that to happen. WOT tuning probably won’t be done until Spring.


What are you doing for PCM?


Stocker. I like the idea of the Holley, but until someone comes out with a proven “painless” way for it to pass inspection (and use stock gauges would be a plus), etc, I’ll stick with this. Contemplating boost controllers. I’m leaning towards Boost Leash with the stage control. I know everyone raves about the new AMS, but I want something a little easier to manage and easier on the pocket. Regardless, that’ll probably be a winter add-on after I get the car buttoned up.




Ah I was just curious when you mentioned the injector size you wanted to run.

Jon Kroll with the TT blue Transam has Holley + factory PCM in place factory PCM is running his gauges right now.


and its a street car


It is a full street car even has 2 10s in the back…You don’t know the backstory there.


Will his pass inspection? I know there is a “way” to do it, I just haven’t seen concrete evidence and don’t want to start hacking with only a theory.


There are lots of posts about it.

His will be setup soon to pass inspection feed it crank sensor and turn off all the other codes whammy.


I dont know everytbing about it, i wasnt being sarcastic, i believe it to be a street car.

Meaning it passes inspection was my thought, but i guess that parts not finished yet


:lol: well it doesn’t pass inspection right now few things to finish up.

Yes its a full street car he just switched it to Holley a couple weeks ago then hard convertor issues a couple times and hasn’t had time to button everything up because he wanted to race real street/limited street this week.


Moving right along, I’m waiting on my cam to be spec’d and sent to me so the engine can be built, and RJ Profab is nearing completion on my cage. I’m very happy with the work so far. It looks like he just needs to fit the door bars, and finish weld everything.





Looks good :tup:

I’m still going over kill with bars on bars.

You still thinking about mini tubbing?


Thanks. Geez I thought I had plenty of bars for a 8.5 cage. No plans for mini-tubs in the short term. Maybe down the line, we’ll see.






I painted the cage about a month back, no pictures though. I barely touched the car until this week. I’ve been picking away at installing sound deadener from Second Skin, which is kind of a pain in the butt and very time consuming. Hopefully it pays off. I think I’m going to skip over to prepping the engine bay for paint as I want to make sure I get it in the paint booth before the snow flies. It really shouldn’t take that long, but I do have a little bit of fab left before I can get to paint prep.

I’ll be dropping all my engine parts off to be built as soon as my cam and head arrives. The cam was ordered over a month ago and it’s taking longer than expected to get here. I anticipate dropping it off next week (hopefully). Besides pushrods and head gaskets, I have everything for the engine.

I just saw these pictures posted up on Detective Coating’s Facebook:


Great guy to work with and his work appears to be top notch. Looking forward to seeing these parts in person.


Yeah Justin is awesome! Build looks like it’s gonna be awesome Bill